So you've hurt yourself in a car or work related accident, what do you do now? Injuries from work and car accidents are debilitating and can keep you from doing everything you need to do. The best way we've found to take care of the pain and the lack of independence from personal injury is with chiropractic care. Any injury or imbalance in your skeletal system can throw so many other things out of whack. If tight muscles in your legs can result in back pain that keeps you awake at night when you're perfectly healthy and mobile, imagine how you could hurt after a work or car accident.

Personal injury chiropractic care treats the underlying cause of work related skeletal injuries or pain, not just the symptoms. 
When I was in college, I had low back pain that kept me from sleeping, focusing in class, exercising, and enjoying my life. I went a chiropractor and found out that my pain came from a spinal misalignment caused by a work related muscle imbalance in my back. After a few weeks of personal injury chiropractic care, the pain that had plagued me was gone. My chiropractor realigned my spine, increased flexibility in tight muscles, and prescribed an exercise routine to correct the work related muscle imbalance that had caused me so much pain. Within a few weeks, I had gone from treatments every other day to treatments every other week. I haven't been to my chiropractor in several years now, and in those years have not had one hint of the low back pain that kept me up at night.

Now I can't say everyone will have the same drastic results that I did. If your personal injury is something more than a muscle imbalance, you may not be able to go sans chiropractic care for years on end. My mother who has had numerous injuries both work related and otherwise, goes to her chiropractor once a week. Over the years, she has fallen out of trees, destroyed her ankle, accidentally picked up a car with her head, and really screwed up both her knees. She has managed her various aches and pains with her chiropractor for years, and if she misses a weekly appointment she is miserable for the next week. Whether the pain comes from her back, her hips, her knee, or even her asthma (which is work induced and exacerbated by spinal misalignment), she can barely crawl into bed when she gets home from work after missing an appointment.

Visiting a chiropractor just makes sense. If you broke your foot you would fix the problem. You wouldn't just pop a few pain pills and walk on it like nothing's wrong. If you have a skeletal misalignment that is causing you pain, why wouldn't you go to the doctor's trained to realign your skeleton? Fix the root of the problem, and you'll fix the pain. It's as simple as that.

Anyone can hurt you. A reputable chiropractor is certainly is not going to do you any harm. Their whole goal is to make you healthier and happier than before you saw them. It's an extremely poor business practice to hurt the people coming to them for help. Do your research. Make sure the chiropractor you choose has current certifications and happy clients. Don't be afraid to shop around. Like any doctor, you want to feel comfortable talking to them about your health. The first chiropractor you see may not be the best one for you. After several sessions with my first chiropractor in college, we weren't seeing the results we wanted. My chiropractor and I agreed that I should try a few sessions with his partner who used a different style of treatment. Her method gave me the relief I was searching for.

If you've been injured and need pain relief fast so you can get back to work, you need to see a personal injury chiropractor like Dr. Wayne Hansen at Canyon Sports and Spine in Murray, Utah.

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