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Dry Needling

Is TDN Safe?

How is TDN Different From Acupuncture?

What is Dry Needling?

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What Will Happen During My Dry Needling Session?

Do you suffer from chronic muscular-skeletal pain due to personal injury or a car accident? These traumas can cause anguishing back and neck pain. Canyon Sports and Spine is a full-service chiropractor office in Murray, Utah. In addition to traditional chiropractor and physical therapy techniques, we offer our patients alternative treatments like dry needling. Here is some useful information about this revolutionary technique:

Also known as Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN), the basics of this technique were outlined by Dr. Janet Travell and Dr. David Simon during the Second World War. They mapped muscle “trigger points’’ throughout the human body, and noticed that these points responded positively to dry needle stimuli. The doctors created the dry needle concept and therapy.

The technique involves penetrating the skin with small, thin needles, just enough to stimulate certain trigger points in the muscles. Unlike wet needling, which uses a hypodermic needle to inject medication, the TDN needles are solid and have no medication. When the dry needles touch trigger points in the area of pain, it can sooth the muscles and connective tissues.

If you watched a TDN session and an acupuncture session, it might be difficult to tell the difference. Both work with dry needles barely penetrating the skin to reduce pain. However, acupuncture is part of Ancient Chinese medical practices, and TDN is only decades old.

The goal of acupuncture is to unblock and redirect Qi, which the practitioners call the physical energy that runs throughout the human body. Ancient acupuncture writings map out the body into points, just like TDN does. While TDN works more with specific areas, acupuncture can target more substantial points of energy contact. TDN is a more physical treatment, while acupuncture has also been used to treat mental issues.

After we have done a complete physical workup for you, we may discuss TDN as a beneficial treatment. Our caring, medical professionals have several years of training and experience in TDN and chiropractic services, so that you can be confident in your plan of care. One of our specialists will perform the TDN on the area where you have pain.

Perhaps the most pressing question many people have comes from the fear of needles. TDN needles are small and very thin, and just poke slightly under your skin. It is not like someone is going to jab a needle deep into your body. 

You may feel a slight burning sensation when the needles are being inserted; however, that is a good thing. It means that the needle is stimulating the trigger point and is “resetting” the muscle or connective tissue to begin the healing process. The pain is minimal and only lasts a little bit. Many patients claim that TDN gives them a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Each session may last a half-hour, and it is recommended that you have between 3 to 8 sessions for maximum benefit. The sessions are usually scheduled a couple of weeks apart, to allow your trigger points time to adjust and heal. We often use TDN with other traditional treatments, so you get the best from both therapy types.

Be assured that we only used new, sterilized needles for each patient. Although the needles barely pierce under the skin, some patients may see a tiny dot of blood where the needles were. It is also common to experience redness and a little soreness at the treatment site. These side effects are normal and usually go away within a day.

Over the years, we have offered TDN therapy successfully for hundreds of patients. Physical therapists and chiropractors all over continue to see the benefits of TDN for their patients. While any medical procedure can have risks, TDN is much safer than pain medications and complicated surgeries for muscular-skeletal pain. 

Are you interested in discovering how TDN can benefit you? It may be the therapy you need after a car wreck or personal injury. Canyon Sports and Spine is available to answer your questions about TDN and other beneficial chiropractic services. Call our office today for an appointment.